The Technology

CBD 2.0 Represents The Next Generation Of Cannabidiol (CBD) Products

CBD 2.0: Nature and Science Working Together

Plants have been used medicinally throughout all of history, and technically many people have never stopped using them.


So, why do we have a pharmaceutical industry?

The marriage of chemistry and capitalism brought about the rise of many new things, some good and some bad. Pesticides and other chemicals, such as food additives, created a slew of companies that became some of the richest organizations today. Pharmaceutical companies are no exception and have posted some of the highest profits in history, all at the expense of people who are in need. Sometimes it is even the chemicals we ingest or that are present in the environment which make us sick in the first place leading to an endless cycle of dependence.

Naturally, people began looking for natural alternatives to addictive pills and other pharmaceutical drugs in an attempt to break the cycle.

 Enter CBD 2.0 giving power back to the plants!


CBD and Turmeric: Enhancing the power of plants

Much like the synergy of science and nature, CBD 2.0’s nanotechnology relies on the synergy of two natural ingredients: CBD and turmeric.

 Most people know what CBD oil is, and there’s hundreds and maybe thousands of companies lining up with identical products trying to tell you why their CBD oil is better than the other guys. The truth is if it’s not water-soluble, then it is basically all the same stuff. Granted there are a lot of good companies putting out better products due to having more integrity, using better ingredients and organic hemp, etc.

 But in the end, there is very little to separate one CBD product as being scientifically more effective than the other.

 Until Now.

Here at CBD 2.0, we do every other good thing other CBD companies do, and then we take it a couple steps further to create the best CBD products for you the customer.


Step 1: Water Soluble CBD

That’s right! CBD 2.0 products are made of water soluble CBD! Take your current CBD oil and put it into water. What happens?! It doesn’t mix. It’s a concept that everyone knows: water and oil don’t mix. What’s the big deal?

 Your body is over ⅔’s water! Oils, other insoluble molecules, and oil-based products are not absorbed very well by the body. On average, only 6-12% of oil-based products are ever absorbed by the body. You wouldn’t buy a car and only to receive just the engine or buy a book only to rip 90% of the pages. So, why settle for only 6-12% of the CBD?!

Not only do these oils not get absorbed very well by the body, these oils are often stored in body fat and build up in the body over time to cause harmful side effects.

This never happens with CBD 2.0’s water-soluble technology! Because our products are water-soluble, the CBD, other cannabinoids, terpenes, and Ayurvedic herbs are absorbed more easily by your body for increased bioavailability, AND they are never stored in the body. So, you can take CBD 2.0 products with the peace of mind knowing you’re safe from harmful side effects caused by a build-up of active ingredients stored in body fats.


Step 2: CBD Oil & Turmeric

The secret to our technology is a tiny molecule found in turmeric, Curcumin. Curcumin is the active-molecule in turmeric, meaning curcumin is the power behind turmeric products and the reason turmeric is yellow and spicy.

Turmeric is one of the top 3 selling nutritional supplements on the market. There’s a reason so many trust their health to turmeric and there are many scientific studies looking into the benefits of this plant.

When curcumin combines with CBD oil in our top-secret process, they become CBD 2.0’s water-soluble wonder molecule, a water-soluble nanopowder. Not only does our technology improve upon CBD oil and turmeric, but all-natural technology improves the bioavailability of all of our ingredients and Ayurvedic herbs!


Try CBD 2.0 products and get a better CBD product for a better you!

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